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Best Selection Of Halloween Costumes, Accessories, and Props

Halloween Costume Makeups

Halloween Costume Makeups

Halloween Costume Makeups can make all the difference in creating a masterpiece. Halloween costumes are not complete without the right makeup to accompany them. Halloween costume makeups kits would really do the magic in any costume parties. It adds spice to what you wear by putting on life to the most important highlight of the costume – your face. Turn yourself from bare into daring with this set of makeup kits. Everyone will just love the colorful Halloween charm!


Halloween Costume Makeups – Black Eyelashes With Case

Black Eyelashes with CaseWe all know that those curly eyelashes can really attract onlookers. With the feminine gaze it gives, everyone will surely love it. It goes along perfectly with any female costumes. Pair this with a really hot costume to complete an adorable yet flirty look.

  • Package includes a case and the eyelashes.
  • For ease of application, buy the Mini Eyelash Glue to keep those lashes in place.
  • To remove the eyelashes, gently peel the lash band off lid beginning at the outer corner. Take away the adhesive from the band and put lashes back on tray.

You may also like to check the following items:

  • Colored Liquid Body Latex
  • Blue Face Paint
  • Glitter Makeup Kit

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Halloween Costume Makeups – Colored Liquid Body Latex

Colored Liquid Body LatexDo you want to have a daring, exotic and elegant designs painted on your skin? Get this Colored Liquid Body Latex now! You are assured to have only the highest-quality latex to touch your skin, so you are guaranteed to have the safest care possible. This set of body latex will surely stay with you whether you dance, swim or just walk. Unless you won’t put it under great friction, it’s going to be just fine.

  • Package includes 8 oz. bottle of body latex
  • Available colors: blue, red, yellow, green and black.
  • Caution: this product has Latex content. This substance may cause allergy to some skin types.

You may also want to check out the following accessories:

  • The Smurfs Mittens Adult
  • Face Painting Glitter

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Halloween Costume Makeups – Face Painting Makeup Disguise Stix

Face Painting Makeup Disguise StixThis makeup set is an easy-to-use, convenient and non-toxic temporary color for your hair and skin. Now, you may complement your favorite costumes with the right makeup and facial features that will surely be a big hit this Halloween season! Let your imagination go wild.

  • How to use: Dip the coloring briefly in water and apply it on your skin or hair using sponges and brushes. After use, you may remove the coloring with soap and water.
  • Available colors: Circus Red, Clown White, Crypt Green, Deep Purple, Deep sea Green, Fire Orange, Ghost Grey, Ice Blue, Irish Green, Lovely Lilac, Martian Green, Midnight Black, Moonlight Silver, Neptune Blue, Pirate Gold, Rosy Pink, Sunshine Yellow and Teddy Bear Brown.

You may also want to purchase the following items:

  • The Undead Vampire Child Costume
  • Cheshire Cat Child Costume

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Halloween Costume Makeups – Glitter Make-Up Kit

Glitter Make-Up KitShow up the shining you with this Glitter Make-Up Kit. Be noticed this Halloween and show everyone the star in you! Share it with your daughter to create a perfect pair of glamour girls. Have fun!

  • Package includes 4-color make-up palette (water-washable), two packets of glitzy glitter gel, a mixing tray, brush/ sponge applicator and stick-on jewels.

You may also want to check these items:

  • Glowbys Green Hair Accessory
  • Fluffy Bunny Child Costume
  • Lil’ Mermaid Toddler/Child Costume

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Halloween Costume Makeups – Goth Make-Up Kit

Goth Make-up KitDo you want to take a trip to the dark side? Get this Goth make-up kit now and be in line with the latest fashion trend. You will look perfect this season of the dead!

  • Package includes: black nail polish, 4-color make-up palette, make-up tray and a bold black lipstick.
  • Make-up palette colors: red, white, black and grey.

Take a look at these related items too:

  • Lace Up Glovettes Child
  • Child (Black/White) Striped Tights
  • Stitched (White) Child Tights
  • Custom Designer Sexy Bite Fangs
  • FantasEyes Professional Eyeshadow
  • Silver Spider Web Eyelashes

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Halloween Costume Makeups – Lipstick

LipstickGet those lovely “kissers” an adorable look this Halloween! This lipstick has long-lasting effects that will stay with you until the party ends. Bring life to your facial features with these lively colors that are a certified attention-grabber! You will have the perfect look with just minimal touch-ups.

  • Package includes lipstick (available in different colors).

Check these recommended items to accompany the Lipstick:

  • Make-Up Remover (2 oz.)
  • Eyelashes with Black Crystals
  • Clown White Crème Foundation

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Halloween Costume Makeups – Make-Up Remover (2 Oz.)

Make-Up Remover (2oz.)This make-up remover is an excellent way to get rid of heavy-duty make-ups. It is fragrance-free to give you more ease and comfort when you apply it. This product is ideal for removing crème-based makeup. It is tough with those sticky foundations but gentle on your skin. Truly, you will get the necessary care no other products can provide.

  • Package includes 2 oz. bottle of make-up remover.

Check these items too:

  • Spirit Gum Remover
  • Professional Glitter Gel (Opalescent)
  • Severe Trauma Makeup Kit
  • Vampire Bite Tattoos




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Make this Halloween an extra special one with these halloween costume makeups kits that will surely turn heads and wake the dead! Make sure to have these items in your shopping list for a colorful and daring Halloween party!

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  1. Make up is the key to a really good costume for Halloween. My daughter usually dresses up in some really cute monster costumes, but without the make up people would think she’s just wearing a cute dress. We usually give her some sunken in eyes and some scars on the face to make her look scary.

  2. Perfect make up for this coming Halloween season and I’m sure kids will love it.

  3. Me and my family will try these makeups. perfect for Halloween glad i landed on this website..

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