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Storybook And Fairytale Costumes

Storybook And Fairytale Costumes

Are you looking for Storybook And Fairytale Costumes that can make your little princesses eye-catching this Halloween season? Here, they are now. A collection of female child costumes is in store to give your child extra fun and excitement this Halloween. Make her dreams come true of becoming a princess or a famous character. This set of costumes will never fail your expectations.


Storybook And Fairytale Costumes – Batarina Child

Batarina Child CostumeThe ballerina bat can’t really stay at home this Halloween. Let her flap her wings and showcase her inner magnificence. The dance studio will just be roaring wild with applause as they see your little daughter put the stage on fire with graceful moves.

  • Costume includes a purple tutu dress with matching bat wings, black bat ear headband and black fingerless gloves.
  • Available child sizes: small (4-6), medium (8-10), large (12-14).
  • Slippers and tights are not included.

Complete the bat-ballerina look with these accessories that will surely match the costume:

  • Baterina Bag
  • Wild Girl Black/Purple/Pink Wig
  • Ballet Flat (Black) Child Shoes
  • Black/Purple Striped Tights Child
  • Skull Felt Bag
  • Spider Necklace (Purple)
  • Spider Earrings (purple)

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Storybook And Fairytale Costumes – Strawberry Shortcake – Strawberry Shortcake Deluxe Todder/Child

Strawberry Shortcake - Strawberry Shortcake Deluxe Toddler / Child CostumeShe is so posh in this super pink and charming Strawberry Shortcake Deluxe Toddler/Child costume. Your daughter will surely love the feminine charm of the smart and fun character. Give her one the best Halloween celebrations she could have this year. Happy Halloween!

  • Costume includes a smooth peasant top dress adorned with strawberry appliqué on the top high-waist, a matching Strawberry Shortcake hat and a watermelon pink skirt with polka dots.
  • Available in toddlers and child sizes.
  • Toddler size: Chest 17-22”, Waist 17-19”.
  • Child size (small): Chest 20-24”, Waist 18-24”.
  • Purse, wig and shoes are not included.
  • This is a certified licensed Strawberry Shortcake costume.

Put on these accessories to complete the costume:

  • Strawberry Shortcake Wig
  • Ballet (White) Child Shoes
  • Strawberry Shortcake – Trick or Treat Pail (Fabric)
  • Petticoat (White) Child
  • 20” Glow Necklace Pink

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Storybook And Fairytale Costumes – Cinderella Toddler/Child

Storybook Cinderella Prestige Toddler/Child CostumeFrom dust to riches, Cinderella is an inspiration for every little girl who dreams of a charming prince who will carry her off to his castle. Cinderella is just a solid example of a graceful and kind princess that will surely captivate anyone’s attention. She may have risen from the ashes, but she is surely a royalty by blood. Take home this wonderful Cinderella Toddler/ Child Costume and give your child the experience of being a princess of her bedtime stories.

  • Costume includes a blue dress with zipper on its back, attached white petticoat, blue choker, a matching headpiece and Cinderella character cameo.
  • Available sizes (toddler and child): toddler (3-4T), small (4-6X), and medium (7-8).
  • Wand, tiara and shoes are not included.
  • This is a certified licensed Disney costume.

To complete the princess look, bring these accessories home too:

  • Cinderella Deluxe Jelly Shoes
  • Disney Princess Drawstring Treat Sack
  • Cinderella Child Tiara
  • Cinderella Wand
  • Cinderella Child Wig
  • Disney Princess Child Gloves

>>> Click here for more info on this adorable Cinderella Toddler/Child Costume <<<


Storybook And Fairytale Costumes – Aurora Prestige Toddler/Child

Storybook Aurora Prestige Toddler/Child CostumeBriar Rose is just as lovely as the mornings. Her fate waits as Maleficent is getting ready to plant the spell on her. Will prince charming save her on time before Maleficent the wicked plan? Will she be reunited with her royal family again? Experience being Princess Aurora even just for this Halloween season with this royal costume that will surely turn heads.

  • Costume includes a posh pink dress with an attached petticoat and a gold tiara headband.
  • Available sizes: Toddler (3T-4T), small (4-6X), medium (7-8).
  • Wand and shoes are not included.
  • This is a certified licensed Disney costume.

You may also want to check these recommended accessories out:

  • Disney princess Drawstring Treat Sack
  • Aurora Wig Child
  • Aurora Wand

>>> Click here for more info on this lovely Aurora Prestige Toddler/Child costume <<<


Storybook And Fairytale Costumes – Lil’ Miss Red Child

Lil' Miss Red Child CostumeThis pretty costume will certainly turn your child from a plain character into a compelling little damsel. Give her the time of the year to stun everyone who will pass by her.

  • Costume includes a red, peasant top dress with an attached apron and a very charming cape.
  • Available sizes (child): x-small, small, medium and large.
  • Petticoat, tights and shoes are not included.

To complete the little red riding hood’s look, try these accessories:

  • White Opaque tights Child
  • Gingham Basket
  • Ballet Flat (Black) Child Shoes
  • Petticoat (white) child

>>> Click here for more info on this amazing Lil’ Miss Red Child costume <<<


Storybook And Fairytale Costumes – Lil’ Mermaid Toddler/ Child

Lil' Mermaid Toddler/Child CostumeSince the mermaid Ariel, appeared on TV, kids just go crazy about the idea of being such a sea creature. This mermaid has just lots of adventures from sea to land. Finally, she met the prince that made her heart skip a beat. Despite all the challenges, their love still made it through. You can now be like her with this Lil’ Mermaid toddler/child costume.

  • Costume includes a mermaid dress with purple top and a sequin tail, and a cute pink seashell headband.
  • Available sizes (toddler and child): 3T-4T, 4-6, 6-8, and 8-10.
  • Seaweed boa is not included.

Do you want to experience the sea style? Grab these additional accessories now!

  • Shell Mermaid Bag
  • Seaweed Boa 72”
  • Sparkle Ballerina (Silver) Child Shoes
  • Shell Bracelet Child

>>> Click here for more info on this sweet Lil Mermaid Toddler/Child costume <<<


Storybook And Fairytale Costumes – Cleopatra Child

Cleopatra Child CostumeCleo is just one hot ruler of Egypt. She can seduce everyone – royal officials, guards and even peasants. Her beauty is a timeless classic. A lot of Romans were eying on her because of her seductive aura that can really make guys fall on her knees. Bring to life he prowess of the late Cleopatra with this Cleopatra Child Costume especially made for your daughter.

  • Costume includes an Egyptian-style white dress, a gold headpiece and attractive blue and gold wrist cuffs.
  • Wig, sandals, and purse are not included.

Complete the tempting charm with these accessories that will surely shake grounds:

  • Cleopatra Headpiece
  • Gold jewel Slippers Child
  • Snake Asp Armband

>>> Click here for more info on this lovely Cleopatra Child costume <<<


Storybook And Fairytale Costumes – Can Can Dancer Child

Can Can Dancer Child CostumeDance as the beat goes on! You child will surely grove the dance floor with this cute little Can-Can Dancer Child Costume. From Paris with love, your daughter will surely make the crowd ask for more of her. Grab one now and give her the best Halloween ever!

  • Costume includes a wonderful hot pink and satin black dress, and satin bloomers.
  • Available sizes (child): 6/8, 10/12 and 14/16.
  • Tights, gloves, headpiece and shoes are not included.

To complete the groovy dancer look, here are items that will surely add spice to the costume:

  • Black Mesh Fingerless Gloves
  • Lace-Up Black boots Child
  • Can-Can Child Headpiece

With all these cute costumes, your kids will be ready to pump up the Halloween party! So, what are you waiting for? Try these costumes now and make this Halloween a special one for your daughters. Because, we believe that every young girl deserves a fun-filled childhood.

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More Popular Storybook And Fairytale Costumes

Above is just a sample of Storybook And Fairytale Costumes. Wigs, and Accessories that are available. Click here to see more.


  1. My little Sarah found Storybook And Fairytale Costumes – Cinderella Toddler/Child. Now, she’s begging me to be the princess of her dreams. How can I refuse? :D

    • I found that one pretty too. :D I think I’ll buy that for my niece.

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